(picture by ed loh)
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Here's where I'll be collecting a bunch of pictures of my car... From when I first bought it to the present day. I think that as long as I own the car, it will always be changing... although at times I love the way the car is, change is good. I dunno if I'll ever stop changing the car, but when it does it will either be really great or I just won't care anymore and I'm 90 years old with more important things on my mind... like whether I should get Depends or just suck it up and actually walk to the bathroom. Haha. (last update 01.17.03)

Anyways, here are the pictures. Don't forget... I have a knife.

The very first pictures of my car.

The new engine and then the accident :X

Body work! Silvia face!

My wheel collection begins...

MORE wheels and new coilovers!

5-bolt conversion, new wheels, and new rice stuff.

SileightyMania SPL