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I know, it's hard to read this page.

My sponsors!
AME : High performance & luxury wheel manufacturer from Japan.
Endless USA : For the past 4 years, I've only used Endless brake pads.
Tanabe USA : Tanabe makes all of my great suspension parts!
Sleeperz : Paint shop in Santa Ana. Ask for Jim @ 714-547-8386.
C-Wings : Aero parts manufacturer.
Taka Motorsports : Good source for stainless brake/clutch/turbo/oil lines & fittings and oil coolers.
Phase 2 Motortrend : They have EVERYTHING you'd ever need for your drift car!!

My friends' sites
Nadine180.com : Girl drifter and the love of my life :D
Drifting Pretty : Our organization designed to support women in motorsports.
Roadster Drift : Yellow Fever Rob's drifting site.
H-Fit.com : Johnny's Honda Fit tuning company. They design and fab their own parts.
Marc's homepage : I know his last name and you don't.
Fujiwara Steve : Steve Naka and his love for the 86.
KurisuKurusu.com : This is my tyte co-worker.
Grip Video : I think they sell soiled underpants.
JonSibal.com : My old friend Jon and his turbocharged E36.
Slide Squad : They like cars made in the 80's.
Pink Godzira : They like pink, and they're not afraid to say it.
ziptied.com : Electrician Mike and his new website about Japan and drifting.
JDM Rice : Mr. Tang and his pink car la.
Driftworks : Drift Club from the UK
cchan5000 : Brian's site showing his photos and artwork
http://driftheaven.wordpress.com/ : Charlie "Dr. Foot Heaven" goes blogging!

Drift Events
Driftday.com : Drift Events by Drift Association!
Just Drift! : No BS... Just Drift!
ClubFR : Drifting in the mid west! Don't pull your hamstring there!
DGTrials : Drifting on the east coast.

Performance Tuning Parts
S.I.X. Autoworks : They've got exhausts, wheels, lighting, accessories, OAKLEY, everything! (maybe you should call them instead)
Ultimate Tool Co : Specialty tools for your Nissan imported from Japan!
BattleVersion.com : Great Suspension parts maker!
SR20Store.com : Marco is awesome and trustworthy. Get SR20 parts there!
Tee's USA : Bride is here in the USA!!
KAAZ USA : GOOD LSDs - I have their new 2-way.
Jspec.com : You can buy some japanese car parts there

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