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To all you lazy bums who haven't been reading my journal, I've been posting all my videos in there... why? I dunno... probably because I feel like the videos are more than eye candy - there's a story behind them. I post these videos more for learning purposes, and you can learn A LOT more from a video when the person driving is doing some explanation of what happened, what he could have done better, or what he thought he did well in that video. If you like a video and want to learn more about it, go into my journal and search for it!

Speedtrial USA - Feb 24, 2002
Marc's camera tricks
Feint Drift
Skid pad fun
Finger fun

Buttonwillow - ??.??.02
Javier, me, Gushi san
Javier, Gushi san, me

Drift Showoff 1 - 03.02.03
Koguchi behind me.
Koguchi in front of me.
Marc's point of view.
Hubert's hightlights of the day.

RS-R Drift Festival - 04.06.03
Me driving JDM Rice

Drift Day 5 - 05.25.03
1st run
2nd run
3rd run

Hyperfest @ Fontana - 07.12.03
Practice run

Apex'i Test Day for D1 USA - 07.30.03
Practicing my apexes

Drift Showoff 3 - 10.12.03
Top 16 run
Top 8 run

Drift Day 10 - 11.29.03
Yep, you can't see much
Here's the course layout

D1 USA Practice Session 02.26.04
Me practicing in JDM Rice 2

Just Drift @ Camarillo - 04.13.04
This is a few days after my car got into a bad accident.

Just Drift @ Irwindale - 05.23.04
Run 1
Run 2
Run 3 - hey where did the course go?

Formula D, Sonoma - Round 3
Practice Run
Qualifying Run

Formula D, Irwindale - Round 4
Qualifying Run

RS-R Drift Festival, Chicago
Me and the Advan Meeting Champ from Japan

- I couldn't shift, because of a bad pilot bearing!

EA Games Need For Speed 2 Underground Event
First time in the new Yellow Thing during practice!

- The car was retuned to 380hp!

Rim of the World Rally Drifting Exhibition
Drifting JDM Rice II with Nadine, Alex, Mark, and Hiro

- Dedicated to all the people who put music on their drifting videos!

Formula D, Irwindale 2005
Drifting Yellow Thing at Formula D Practice

- This was my first practice run in the car. Thanks for the video, Stan!

Drifting JDM Rice during practice
- We brought JDM Rice, because Yellow Thing lost cylinder 1 & 4. Tires were too big, but I did what I could!

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