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February 24, 2002
Speedtrial USA's Buttonwillow Raceway drift event! Everybody loved the event, from drivers to spectators. Shinji and Hiroshi put on a show for us, showing us their unique style and techniques. I loved watching them do things I've never seen in person, like locking up the front brakes mid-drift, peace signs out the window... they had different drifting line, approach speeds... they did manji too, which is new for me. I was so busy with instructing that I only had a few minutes to watch them, but from what I DID see, I studied really closely from the sounds of the accelerator, the sounds of the tires, their line, and the techniques they used to start their drift. That day, Johnny with the burgundy s13 and Richard with the red s13 made great breakthroughs in their drifting skills, just like I did. Good luck with improving guys! Keep it up!

Note: Don't steal my pictures. Please.

Here are some videos:
Feint Motion Drift
A cool video trick that Marc did. Too bad the drift wasnt very good.
My warmup spin on the skidpad.
My first attempt at the one-hander.

Now here are the pictures:

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