(picture by ed loh)
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Why you should buy a Nissan 240sx... (i love S13)

ka24(d)e thin body parts that dent so easily faded windshield wiper switch cigarette lighter that pops out power windows that stop working odometer that gets stuck leaky bushings uneven camber rear defroster that doesnt work clunky steering overheating blown speakers faded seatbelts faded temperature control automatic seatbelts great interior fabric schemes shitty brakes great way of changing headlight bulbs trunk fabric walls that break off dropping a strut bar nut in the rear brake lights burn out leaky injectors leaky windows strange creaking noises awesome moonroof brittle interior cloth leaky injectors spot on the armrest that rubs away power antenna not working nasty shift boot that falls apart people capacity: 2 people and a midget with no legs wonderful black tape that wraps around the body no cup holders bad timing chain guides driver's side rear lean siezed transmission drain/filler plugs

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