(picture by ed loh)
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Welcome to the artwork page! Here's where I feature all kinds of artwork... Right now, these are all from my friends, but if you have something that you think deserves to be on here, feel free to e-mail it to me! If not, shut the hell up - I wasn't talking to you anyways, Jerky.

Note: Don't steal my pictures. I will drift on your face.

ae86life - TJ Morales
A self portrait... TJ is smiling because is "8" is tyte.

Benson and Nadine - TJ Morales
This is a great drawing of me and Neen. It portrays us really well. However, I am usually the one whoopin ass. Hey you don't want this knuckle sandwich!

Trueno Coupe - TJ Morales
Hey TJ, the drift is so photoshopped!!

Slonie Jump - TJ Morales
Slonie is saying, "Oh S#!t! I just curbed my old school JDM wheels!"

My AE86 - Jeff C.
Jeff made this image using actual photos in combination with photoshop. Jeff, you spelled works wrong!

Fairlady Z - Jeff C.
Another creation using photoshop airbrushing with actual photos.

Oatcakes? - Chris Parry
I really enjoy the contrast and inherent struggle in this piece. There is a good balance of... wait a minute. It's just a bunch of Brits flipping you off and yelling oatcakes!

Touge Drift - Hypercarrots
Hey look at me. I'm fake drifting!

240sx Convention T-Shirt - Hypercarrots
This is the design for our 2002 240sx Convension t-shirts... Don't steal them or I'm not the only one who will cut you/drift on your face.

Sileighty Movie Poster - Hypercarrots
This was an actual movie; However, it wasn't a huge hit in the box offices. I guess the world isn't ready for Chinese drifters.

Sileighty Poster - Hypercarrots
This is a parody from the UPRD skyline poster driving through Pike's Peak.

JDM Rice - Hypercarrots
Hey look at that, Richard... your car isn't even falling apart in that picture!

Bubble S13 | Bubble S13 2 | Bubble S14 | Bubble Sileighty
- Hypercarrots
Bubble style SPL.

SileightyMania SPL